Origin of SyringePro

 I ultimately knew I wanted a device that easily slides on and off a syringe. One that fits the most common brands of syringes, provides comfort, and is affordable.

Bobby Nourani  - CEO

Bobby Nourani, DO, FAAO
SyringePro Founder
Board Certified in Family Medicine
Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Certificate of Added Qualification in Pain Medicine

In 2010, I joined an organization that provides free medical services to underserved countries. We were primarily treating joint and spine pain.

On my second trip to Honduras, I started experiencing hand strain on day 2 of a two-week service trip. This pain was due to delivering numerous injections to injured patients. I experienced similar pain during my first year, but I was too shy to speak up about it, hoping I would eventually toughen up.

This time I asked my mentors, all experts in their given field, “What am I doing wrong? I'm having hand pain while injecting.” They laughed and smiled at me as they shared their experiences of hand strain with repeated injections throughout their careers. Eventually they had to either switch to 1) smaller syringes, or 2) larger needles. I was disappointed with their solutions. I did not want to switch to smaller syringes since it would increase the procedure preparation time, double the number of syringes used and number of times I would have to switch back and forth between the patient and procedure tray. By switching to larger (wider) needles to reduce my hand strain, the patients complained of increased injection discomfort and skin puncture sensitivity. That wasn’t an ideal solution. Additionally larger needles have increased risk of bruising, bleeding, and complications.

I was not successful in my search for an easy to use device that would minimize patient risk and improve provider comfort. So, I set off to design a device that easily slides on and off a syringe, fits the most common brands of syringes, and more importantly, is affordable. Based on multiple prototypes and repeated physician feedback…. SyringePro was born!

SyringePro allows for an ideal combination of needle and syringe size. My colleagues agree, SyringePro is an ergonomic and comfortable solution. Most importantly, our patients are more comfortable.

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